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Service Programs

Ferta-Lawn is dedicated in providing the right service at the right time. Our knowledgeable technicians can determine if spraying is necessary for individual problems and will set up a correct care schedule for each problem. Listed below are the programs and services that we offer.


  • Yearly Lawn Care Program
    Consists of 6 applications per year, timed at 6 weeks apart. We guarantee a weed-free, lush green lawn.
  • Customizable Lawn Care Program
    You may choose any applications and their timing. We guarantee the results of each application.

Other Services

  • Foundation Spray (spring)
    For the control of insects around your home, like spiders or aphids as they hatch. Done before June 30th.

  • Foundation Spray (summer)
    For the control of spiders, ants, and wasps. Treatments start in July and go until August 30th.

  • Foundation Spray (fall)
    For the control of spiders entering your home. Treatments start in mid-Sept. and go until mid-October.

  • Roundup Spraying
    Done anytime when plants are growing. Can be done in fields, shrub beds, parking lots, or killing out areas of turf. Price according to square footage.